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How Can I Modify My Spousal Support Order?


If your spousal support order is no longer suitable for your financial circumstances, you can petition the court to have it modified to accommodate your ever-changing life. After all, a lot can happen after a divorce. You might lose your job, sustain a terrible injury, fall ill, or any other number of complications that may either warrant an increase or a decrease, depending on the situation.

Your first move would be to consult your former spouse on the matter. If you can reach an agreement to modify your spousal support order, this will certainly save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation, but it is not always possible. Your next option would be to petition the court with your request.

Petitioning the Court for a Spousal Support Modification

To successfully petition the court for a modification to your spousal support order, you must prove that circumstances changed substantially and that the change was involuntary.

Below are some examples of cases in which a request for modification may be granted:

  • The receiving party remarried or cohabitates with a romantic partner.
  • Either party becomes unemployed or their income decreases.
  • Either party receives a substantial increase in income.
  • Either party develops a disability and can no longer work.

In some cases, a change in circumstances, such as unemployment, may be temporary. As such, a judge may grant only a temporary modification until the situation improves, making it possible to resume the original court order.

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