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Couple at Mediation MeetingDivorce mediation is an alternative to obtaining a divorce through courtroom litigation. Mediation focuses on coming to mutually agreeable solutions for child custody, visitation, spousal support, the division of marital property, and other issues in a divorce. Mediation falls under the state’s no-fault divorce statute, which means you do not need to prove marital misconduct in order to pursue a divorce.

At William Kirby, Family Law Attorney, we believe in the positive value of divorce mediation. As a neutral third-party, a mediator can help you and your spouse resolve the legal, financial, and parental responsibilities of your situation to obtain a marital settlement that both sides can support. Bringing years of legal experience to our clients, we can recommend a mediator who has knowledge of divorce law to ensure both parties are represented fairly.

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Is Mediation Right for Me?

Mediation puts you in charge of the terms of your divorce. When you go to court to obtain your divorce, you are placing the decisions that will affect the rest of your life in a stranger’s hands. While the judge will do his or her best to be fair, they are not intimately aware of your situation, your needs, desires, and objectives. Court intervention comes with no guarantees that your divorce settlement will comply with your wishes. When you choose divorce mediation, however, you have direct input into the terms of your marital settlement.

William Kirby, Family Law Attorney can recommend mediators who will listen to both sides of the story, ask the hard questions, suggest resolutions, and facilitate discussions surrounding the very emotional process of your divorce. Your mediator will ensure that your wishes are taken into account and that the final agreement is fair, balanced, and reasonable. Divorce mediation does not involve pitting spouses against one another. Unless it is a court-ordered mediation, the court need not be involved at all.

After you and your spouse come to terms, your mediator will provide you with a legally binding agreement that protects your rights and interests.

Our firm is available to assist you with divorce and/or divorce mediation no matter which stage of the process you find yourself in. Divorce mediation is not for everyone, but it may be right for you.

Find out if divorce mediation is right for you. We can give you an honest assessment of your situation, determine if mediation is suitable, and explain the process. Call (215) 515-9901 or contact us online.

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