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Calculating Support for a SpouseThe subject of spousal support in Pennsylvania can be an area of confusion. In many states spousal support and alimony are interchangeable, referring to the monetary payments made from one spouse to the other after a divorce has been finalized. This is not the case in Pennsylvania. Here, spousal support refers to payments made during the separation period before a divorce is finalized. Alimony refers to post-divorce payments.

At William Kirby, Family Law Attorney, we can help you understand and navigate the complexities of both spousal support and alimony. Whether you need help securing support or are faced with providing support, William Kirby will advocate for your best interests with diligence and dedication. Our firm is committed to providing you with superior service.

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Spousal Support vs. Alimony in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law has established three types of financial support for spouses in divorce. The type of support affecting your case will depend on the timing of divorce actions.

Types of support include:

  • Spousal support, which is financial support made during the separation period prior to the finalization of the divorce; it may be awarded before divorce proceedings have begun as long as you are separated
  • Alimony, which always refers to post-divorce payments
  • Alimony pendente lite, which is similar to spousal support but awarded only after divorce proceedings have begun

Spousal Support

Pennsylvania is the only state to provide mandatory guidelines to determine spousal support. However, courts will review the specific circumstances of a case to determine this award. Factors such as family abuse or adultery may influence the court’s decision. Despite this, state divorce laws do not guarantee spousal support.

Alimony Pendente Lite

Alimony pendente lite is a form of support designed to permit a spouse to maintain an equality of income while facing and moving through a divorce action. It is not, however, automatic. You must file for it with the court and show that it is needed. Once again, courts will review many factors in determining if you qualify and for what amount.

What Factors Into Alimony Decisions?

Alimony is also not an automatic right in any divorce. Courts will evaluate up to 17 factors to determine if a claim for alimony is valid and based on a true financial need.

Because of the complexities involved in all of these types of spousal support, it is vital that you seek qualified legal counsel early on in the divorce or separation process. At William Kirby, Family Law Attorney, we will be able to advise you on the best course of action based on your financial situation and divorce or separation plans.

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