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Do You Need to Change a Family Court Order?

Judgments handed down by the court in divorce situations are based on the familial situation at the time of the proceeding. However, as we all know, circumstances can change in the years following any court order. Family and financial conditions may alter greatly, which then are not reflected in the judgments ordered years earlier. This can make them unfair and unreasonable. When this happens, a post-judgment modification may be in order.

At William Kirby, Family Law Attorney, we can help you petition the court for a post-judgment modification that takes into account the changes in your current circumstances. We have years of legal experience and a strong court presence, which enable our firm to competently pursue such judgments to seek a favorable outcome.

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When Can a Judgement Be Modified?

Post-judgment modifications in Pennsylvania may be allowed by the courts if the circumstances of either party affected by the original order have changed substantially.

Modifications of the following may be sought:

If you are seeking a modification, you will need to prove that such a change is necessary.

Significant life changes that could demand a modification include:

  • Marriages
  • Births/adoptions
  • Job or income changes
  • Relocation
  • A child or parent’s serious illness or injury

Even with proof, post-judgment modifications, including amounts petitioned for, are not guaranteed. The court bases its decision on many factors, just as it did in the original ruling. This makes family law post-judgment modification cases particularly complex. They require the knowledge and experience of a capable family law attorney.

Why You Need William Kirby, Family Law Attorney

In some cases, what you may believe warrants a modification is not enough to convince the court. Before you head down that path, consult with our attorney. We can review the circumstances surrounding your case, advise you if a petition is warranted, represent you in court, and advocate on your behalf to ensure your rights and interests are protected.

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