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Why Choose Divorce Mediation?


Not every divorce is destined for a heated legal battle in court. Despite whatever differences spouses may have, many can dissolve their marriage through amicable negotiations that take place outside of a courtroom by choosing an alternative approach, such as divorce mediation. During this process, an unbiased third-party mediator will help facilitate negotiations, keeping both spouses on track, so they can ultimately reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

The Advantages of Divorce Mediation

To move forward with the divorce mediation process, both spouses must agree to it. Unlike the litigation process, spouses will not need their own respective attorneys, but rather one mediator who will guide the couple toward an agreement, minimizing conflict. If you have children, divorce mediation is particularly beneficial since it often reduces the presence of hostility, making this a far less painful experience for a family.

Below is a list of some additional reasons for you to consider divorce mediation:

  • During the divorce litigation process, the fate of a couple’s settlement is largely left up to the discretion of a judge. Divorce mediation allows spouses to exercise more control over the terms of their divorce and, as a result, both parties are often more satisfied with the outcome.
  • Divorce litigation is notoriously time-consuming. Spouses who choose divorce mediation can create their own schedule, which is why many are often able to dissolve their marriage more efficiently and at a lower cost.
  • If you have privacy concerns, divorce mediation will allow you to keep the details of your split private, which may give you some peace of mind.

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