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What Are Red Flags for Divorce?


Predictors or Warning Signs for Divorce

Knowing the warning signs for divorce can help you fight for your marriage and/or better prepare yourself should you divorce. If you notice these warning signs, you may consider going to marriage counseling or a family therapist; you can also discuss your concerns with your spouse.

It is also important that you connect with an attorney and research your legal options.

Here are some of the common warning signs of divorce that you can look out for:

  • A breakdown in communication. If you are not speaking to one another or are struggling with communication, that can be a red flag. A loss of communication can make either party feel isolated or lonely.
  • Bleak or negative feelings associated with marriage or partner. If either party feels resentful or contempt for the other, they may lash out, and you and your partner may have many negative interactions.
  • Constant financial disagreements. Money issues are among the top causes of divorce, and having fights or differing ideas about finances can lead to divorce.
  • Lack of respect. While arguments are normal and can be helpful, they can be a red flag if the disagreements border on being disrespectful or volatile.
  • Loss of happiness. Marriages can have ups and downs, and no couple is immune to rough patches or disagreements. However, if you are not happy anymore, that can be a warning sign for divorce, especially if it is lasting unhappiness. Take stock of how long you have felt unhappy, what efforts you can take and have taken to improve your happiness, whether your spouse has shut down, whether you and your spouse are hostile with one another, and whether you are experiencing any of the other warning signs.
  • Loss of intimacy. If you and your partner live more like roommates than spouses, it can be a warning sign that you have physical or emotional intimacy issues.
  • Loss of trust. After an instance of infidelity, if either party has an addiction, or in other instances of betrayal, either party may lose trust in their relationship and the other party.
  • Poor conflict resolution. As we mentioned, it can be normal to argue, but if you and your partner do not know how to resolve conflict with one another, that can be an issue.

Contact Our Firm for Help

If you are considering or feel like your marriage is heading toward divorce, it is in your best interest to contact our reliable attorney. You can discuss your legal rights and options and better prepare should you and your spouse pursue divorce. Our attorney can help you:

  • Advise of their fee structure
  • Understand the cost of divorce
  • Avoid financial pitfalls
  • Make informed case decisions
  • Have an unbiased party to advise you concerning decisions
  • Connect with experts who can help strengthen your case
  • Prepare to handle your case before or after you have filed for divorce
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