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Four Reasons Couples Choose Divorce Mediation


Divorce mediation is a great tool for couples involved in low-conflict divorces. It allows them to avoid the volatile and contested divorce dramas that many of us think of when we think about divorce. The average divorce doesn’t rise to the high drama of television or movie screens, but when the most important details of your life are exposed, it can bring out the emotions in even the most stoic person. But, if you know that you and your spouse are on the same page about most of the details of your separation and marital dissolution, then why put yourself through the long courtroom saga? Divorce mediation can resolve your divorce outside of court.

Couples instead work with trained third-party mediators who help lead the way through the divorce process. Alternative dispute resolution is often the perfect choice for couples with small children who know they will always need to be in partnership with their spouse – whether they’re married or not. For older couples, divorce mediation can help save you time and money when you are faced with divorcing on a fixed income.

Four Reasons Couples Choose Divorce Mediation

While the mediation process is faster and less costly, it still addresses all the issues that must be clarified before a divorce can be processed. Mediation can also keep the divorce process calm and less stressful than traditional litigation divorce.

When deciding between alternative dispute resolution and traditional litigation, many couples choose mediation for the following reasons:

Financial Concerns: Getting divorced is a worrisome time for soon-to-be singletons – many who haven’t been single in several years. Worrying about the financial outcome of your divorce can loom large, and mediation presents the opportunity to avoid many of the unpredictable court fees and additional legal fees associated with litigation. When contrasted with mediation, which only requires mediator fees and court be paid. Many couples prefer mediation because they can predict what the divorce process will cost upfront. With litigation, there are fees and costs associated that are out of your control, so by choosing a traditional divorce, you leave your financial future in the hands of the divorce process.

Child Custody: Many parents get to the point in their divorce where they realize they have to share custody of their children, and that process will be easier if they have a positive working relationship with their ex-spouse. Mediation can help parents work through their issues and understand the difficulties that ended the marriage, so many of the issues can become water under the bridge. Once co-parents are better positioned to work together amicably, children are put in a better position to thrive post-divorce.

Flexibility: Litigated divorce is a very structured process, and couples aren’t given many opportunities to tailor the process to meet their specific needs. Mediators work with couples to create the type of process that fits their needs. If you or your spouse are busy or you need the process expedited, there is greater room within the mediation process to meet those needs. Plus, given the rigidity of the judicial system, there isn’t much flexibility within the process. The flexibility of the mediation process doesn’t mean it’s not a serious and organized legal process. Mediators are trained professionals who plan their mediations thoughtfully, with couples at the heart of the process driving the outcome.

Faster Resolution: Divorce mediation can mean your case is resolved faster than in a traditionally litigated case. Couples can schedule mediation sessions when they need them, which means couples can schedule enough mediation sessions to finalize their settlement agreement or spread out sessions to meet their needs.

Knowledgeable and Thoughtful Divorce Representation

Divorce mediation provides a way to restore peace to your family after the emotional turmoil of a divorce announcement. The lawyers at William Kirby Law are thoughtful and considerate legal representatives, and we understand the stress and emotional toll divorce can have on families. Call us at (215) 515-9901 to schedule a consultation.