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Who Gets the House in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

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The family home is a source of concern once the subject of divorce is broached. Dividing property is already difficult, but it’s made worse when one item and its ownership stall the process. Many couples find they are fighting over the house more than any other property item, which may be a financial mistake. Financially, it may be a better choice to view the big picture of your financial situation and make a choice about your house from that vantage. Many couples find they are no longer able to afford the expenses of the family home with one income, and it becomes more of a burden than an asset. During property divisions negotiations, it may be helpful to remove all feelings and sentimentally from the discussion and reference each asset by its value.

Who Gets the House in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

If you have children or you and your spouse spent time renovating a home, it’s easy to understand why determining who will keep the asset can become a particularly difficult and sensitive topic during a divorce. Determining who will keep the family home is more than a financial question; it can also become a custodial one. If it’s in the best interest of your minor children to remain in the home because of school districts, it can be impractical to sell it or move to another place across town.

While your home is filled with memories and weekend projects you completed, it’s just a house to those looking to purchase a property. Unfortunately, your home is only worth someone is willing to pay for it, so fighting with your soon-to-be ex-spouse over its value can be a rabbit hole that kills time and leaves you unable to finalize your divorce. If you find yourself stuck in a debate over your home, it could be wise to strike a bargain for an equivalent amount of assets in exchange for walking away from the house.

Divorce is a difficult process, and it’s easy for even the most rational adults to become emotional messes during the process. Nowhere is this more evident than during the property division process. In Pennsylvania, the family home is treated like any other asset without special treatment, so either party could get the house. The judge could even decide that the house needs to be sold and the proceeds shared after paying off any debts associated with the property.

Can You Afford to Fight to Keep the House?

So, before worrying about how the house will be treated in the divorce process, start by working with your Pennsylvania divorce attorney to determine what will be best for your specific financial situation. Can you afford to keep the house? Most Pennsylvania family home expenses are based on a two-income budget. You may find the expenses combined with your mortgage is too expensive with your single salary.

Knowledgeable and Thoughtful Divorce Representation

If you’re worried about what will happen to your family home once you file for divorce, our knowledgeable legal team can review the details of your case and create a strategy for your situation. The lawyers at William Kirby Law understand divorces are stressful and emotionally draining, so our considerate attorneys will work with you to make certain you get through the process with as little stress and emotional toll on your family as possible.

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