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How to Navigate Divorce in a Post-Covid Landscape


The pandemic has led to differing outcomes for many marriages on the brink of failure. During quarantine, the time together pushed some couples over the edge into divorce proceedings, while others rekindled romances. If you are considering divorce now, you should know how the global pandemic has impacted the process. Before you get started working on your divorce case, take a look at how the world of divorce has changed while we’ve all been stuck inside the house.

5 Ways COVID is Complicating Divorces

The pandemic has led to complications developing across the spectrum of our lives. If you’re in the process of getting a divorce, creating a parenting plan with your ex, or any other number of divorce procedures, it may be more complicated now than before the pandemic.

Social Distancing, Parenting Plans, and Co-Parenting

Professionals agree that co-parents should look to CDC guidelines and do their best to make changes to their parenting plans work with pandemic requirements. While these changes may not work for every family, keeping the lines of communication open to compromise is the most important key to finding an amicable solution. The pandemic is also making educating minor children complicated. Many students are learning from home, which may complicate work schedules and childcare needs for the primary or custodial parent. Responsibilities must be equitably shared, and many families may benefit from mediation to determine a way forward during these challenging times. Coronavirus mitigation requirements are creating differing opinions among many families on how best to act and make changes to keep everyone safe. The pandemic is making it difficult for parents who disagree about how to move forward. When parents are in agreement about issues, it’s easier to implement and adapt to changes.

Income Instability and Court Ordered Payments

Employment challenges have been an unwelcome constant during the last year, and many exes find themselves struggling to make ends meet at home. The stress of being unable to meet household obligations is compounded by falling behind on legally obligated court orders, like alimony, child support, or various other support expenses. Those finding themselves unable to meet court-ordered obligations due to a drop in income can consult their family law attorney to find solutions that meet their legal responsibilities. It’s the court’s responsibility to handle modifications, so you can work with a family law attorney to put together the appropriate documents to file for a modification to an existing court order.

Business Valuations & Divorce Property Division

The global pandemic has been a rollercoaster for most people, but it’s been particularly hard for certain business categories. Small and large businesses in the travel industry, many bars, gyms, and some restaurants have seen the value of their businesses or business interest plummet. While some of these businesses have been able to remain open by offering reduced services or by augmenting their business model, it’s still dealt a blow to their bottom line. All of this would be difficult during normal conditions, but to be faced with divorce and the task of trying to determine the worth of a business based on conditions that haven’t happened ever in modern times is difficult. Business owners can’t base their valuations on past performance, and if they base it on present performance, it would also be inaccurate. So, this is a serious complication faced by many during divorce property division.

Alternative Divorce Options & Limited Court Availability

Most divorces are settled out of court, and the number of divorces settled out of court during the pandemic has increased. Mediation, arbitration, and court alternatives for divorce proceedings have always been available, but because of limited court access, more families and couples have seen the benefit of these models. Courts are open, but the ability to easily go to court has been changed with Covid modifications. While you can still get a case seen before a judge, it will lengthen the time of your divorce. Instead of opting for the lengthy divorce, many are seeing the value in more peaceful alternative divorce solutions.

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