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The Risks of Dating During a Divorce


If you recently decided to end your marriage, you might be eager to rebuild your life and reenter the dating scene to find a new partner. After all, the divorce process can be stressful and lonely and finding someone new can provide the confidence boost you are looking for. However, you should hold off on dating until after your divorce is finalized to avoid any potential complications it may cause while you are dissolving your marriage.

Why is Dating During a Divorce a Bad Idea?

Divorce can feel like an emotional roller coaster for families and throwing in one more variable during this already overwhelming time can have a profound impact on your future. As much as you would like to move forward with your life, it is crucial to close this chapter before starting anew.

Here are some of the risks of dating before finalizing your divorce:

  • It may ruin your chances of achieving a better settlement: It will likely sting a little when your spouse sees you dating again or with a new partner. In fact, it might even create some doubt regarding your fidelity during the marriage, which can cause some serious tension, resulting in a long and drawn-out divorce.
  • Your relationship with your children may suffer: Your children are probably having a difficult time with your divorce and, no matter how old they are, they need you to be there for them and provide support. Dating someone new might make them feel neglected, which can lead to resentment and protest behavior. Give your children the attention they need and hold off on dating for now.
  • You still need time to heal: Ending a marriage is a big decision and you will likely need time to heal from it and engage in some introspection. You do not want to rush into a new relationship and make the same mistakes, so take some time for yourself and learn and grow from this experience before you begin dating again or committing to a new partner.

As hard as it may be to put life on pause for now, it will ensure the best fresh start once you finally embark on life’s next chapter. If you miss out on a dating opportunity because you were waiting to finalize your divorce, it might not have been right for you in the first place.

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